We've loved every minute of our journey. The Managing Director & CEO of Trident Bars (Anne E. Browne) was born in Barbados, W.I. She has always had a passion for anything handmade having watched her mother 'Clarissa' weave baskets and hats from straw and her late aunt 'Evelyn' hand smock dresses in support of the Tourist Industry in Barbados. Anne would also take to experimenting with anything handmade as her mother did from crocheting, making dolls with sequence and sponge dresses, flower bouquets from pipe cleaners, ornaments from plaster of Paris and the list goes on. Since relocating to the US and finding easy access to raw materials, Anne has since made jewelry, sewn clothing and handbags, knitted (hats, scarves, sweaters), body butters, deodorant and soap. Although working full time in the financial industry, Anne found she was able to completely unwind at the end of the work day by 'Soaping'. And so her love for the art of 'Soaping' began.

An Idea is Born

While researching knitting techniques online one day, Anne came across an instructional video on how to make soap. She was intrigued and with her insatiable appetite for anything handcrafted, she clicked on the video and there an idea was born. She went to the local craft supply store and bought her first soap kit. Thinking the process was simply too easy, she researched online for different techniques to explore. Of course the internet was able to provide a limitless supply however watching videos was insufficient on its own to move soaping from a hobby to a true art form. With over 5 years in depth research, experiments and experience, soaping is now her passion. She started with Melt & Pour (Glycerin) bases then progressed to Cold & Hot Process soaps. This passion grew and continues to grow. And as Anne says: "Everyday is a good day to Soap".

Why Us?

We at Trident Bars take pride in the quality soap we produce. You could have chosen to shop with any other artisan but you chose us. For that we value your patronage and will always provide courteous and professional service while delivering the highest quality soap. We will continue to research options for natural colorants and fragrance as we continue with the production of skin safe products.